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    About Sugar Bunch

    Hey what's up hello and welcome to Sugar Bunch! 

    Sugar Bunch is an art boutique dedicated to creative living. Here we celebrate life's sweet eye candy featuring exclusive photography, design prints and apparel. Born from the inner pondering of artist and creator Jess Kovic, Sugar Bunch lives in the aesthetic of old meets new. Drawing inspiration from all things vintage/retro and infusing them with a futuristic vibe. Join our quest of living with style and creativity in our homes and on our bodies. Essentially, dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. (RIP Prince)

    All products and art pieces are designed by Jess Kovic. 

    About Jess Kovic

    Sup, I'm Jess - designer, photographer and self proclaimed fly girl. As a discouraged and uncertain youth, I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do with my life (not unlike, um everyone). All I ever wanted to do was observe and create. I've always been obsessed with creating and customizing my life with my unique perspective. From my clothes, to my hair, to the walls in my room- I wanted to make a statement.

    With a degree in graphic design from a photography focused school, I have established a varied career in the media industry over the last decade. I've tried to focus on just one trade but ultimately realized that if I'm being true to my weird, quirky, unique self I have to indulge in all of the endeavors that excite me at any given time. I started Sugar Bunch as a creative outlet and to share my aesthetic with the world. Gotta keep it real (sunglasses emoji).

    In effort to stay fly, I prioritize traveling and experiencing new places/things/food with my husband. Down time consists of Netflix, wine and fighting my cats for the best spot on the couch. Ya feel me?