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    News — Sweet Selects

    May Sweet Select - I met The Shadow King!

    The Shadow King shirt inspired by Legion on FX.

    Hey guys! 

    For those that have been following along on social media (and if you haven't please come join us, the Insta water is fine!), you know all about our new Sweet Selects program. In fact, it's all about YOU. If not, here's a brief recap. I want to make every effort to connect with you all and make cool stuff that you'll love as much as I do. As part of that initiative, we cooked up Sweet Selects. Every month we'll have a limited time T-shirt design that will be available for purchase for that month only. This will allow us to try out more designs and provide some exclusives for the sweetest of sugar babies following along each month. While we're at it, I wanted to get you even more involved. I figure if I'm going to put out an exclusive item, it might as well be something you want. So each month, about a week before the 1st, there will be 2 options to vote on. The winning design will be the Sweet Select of the next month. Voting will take place via Instagram in a story poll. 

    And that ladies and gentlemen is how we got to The Shadow King. It was a tough yet strategic race. I had it pitted against Clem Fandango. Both of these designs are inspired by arguably obscure pop culture, Legion and Toast of London. The race was ridiculously close which surprised me seeing as Toast of London is no longer running (for now). None the less, The Shadow King proved victorious. 


    If ya'll don't know how much I am FEELING the Legion TV series on FX, you're about to. This is hands down my favorite show right now and possibly my favorite Marvel venture. It's really pretty different than your average super hero TV/Movie. It plays on psychosis and examining reality as we know it and it's so creative in execution. The performances are next level and don't even get me started on the visual tone <3

    As luck would have it, and maybe the my reward for publicly exuding all of my Legion love all over town, I was blessed with a Shadow King encounter IRL. The one and only Navid Negahban who portrays The Shadow King, Farouk, happened to be part of the cast for The Blacklist and I was there for a friend who was part of the cast as well. I hoped he wouldn't be too freaked out that I drew his face but I was able to show him the design and he couldn't have been nicer. I quote "one of the better ones". I AM DEAD.


    So, if you too would like to own a Legion inspired shirt that was literally blessed by The Shadow King himself you have until the end of May to do so. I think that's pretty damn special. 

    A new episode is on tonight and I'm so excited to see my BFF King (we're BFFs now). Tweet me if you want to chat about it! But like probably tomorrow to make sure I have a chance to see it cuz I don't have cable lol. And let me know what you think of the design if you weren't one of the super sweeties that voted for it. Looking forward to June's election, I've already got the candidates in mind :) 

    Forever yours (at least in this reality),