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    News — Fall to the beat

    Fall to the Beat

    Fall to the Beat

    Now that all of the items from the Fall to the Beat collection have been released I wanted to take a minute to tell you all about what inspired these pieces. Music and all things musical. You might be aware that for the past year I’ve been taking music lessons, specifically vocal and piano. I have dreamt of playing an instrument my entire life and had never truly stuck with anything to become even decent at it. I’ve always looked at singers as the just about the coolest people in any room. After a slough of failed attempts at instruments that included guitar, bass, ukulele, drums and harmonica I’ve finally committed to voice/piano. Not to say I won’t revisit those ghosts from my musical past some day, but I’ve gotta stay focused to make some progress here.

    I have always intended for Sugar Bunch to be an outlet for my creative expression and to encourage the expression of others. It seemed to make sense to combine the two. Really it was the only way I could keep my head from spinning off when trying to pursue this much artistic output. In that first year when the new learning seemed particularly challenging I was able to channel it into something familiar like design.

    The Be Sharp pencil skirt was the first design that was created with the collection in mind. It’s of course inspired by the instrument I’ve picked up. Like most of my designs, some vintage/retro elements influence the aesthetic. Piano keys lend perfectly to a geometric art deco style. The piano feels like a classy instrument and with the pencil skirt you can dress it up with a blouse or get really casual with it.

    This collection was released a bit differently than the summer line in that each piece launched separately over the season. I did this in part to just try a different approach but primarily because it was really important to me to shoot these items on actual musicians. People in my life that inspire me to want to grow in music. That meant working around their schedule and sometimes their gigs. Sapphire Sandalo is a singer, plays piano, and writes and composes music for her video. She was the perfect model for Be Sharp.

    Don’t Play is the only design that has a little bit of color. I actually created it before Fall to the Beat was even a thought. As part of my first Design a Day challenge, I was able to adapt it for the collection. Going forward as I added more items to the line I focused on black and white. I wanted to musical influences be the color. My good friend Emmy (also a musician) was able to shoot her daughter Riley in this top. The attitude of the design felt a little more youthful which was fitting for Riley, a super star singer and musician in the making.

    Tone Death has quickly become a new personal favorite. I’ve really enjoyed the reaction I’ve seen to this design and I think it’s attracted a more diverse audience. Maybe because it’s less feminine in nature? You tell me. Originally I had sketched the bare skull as a logo option for a friend. They ultimately went in a different direction, but I was able to reimagine the idea with headphones. I enlisted Bruce Greene, a singer, karaoke crusher and drummer to rock the dead in the Tone Death pullover.

    I was very lucky to be able to shoot Alanah Pearce in the Space Needle shirt at one of her actual DJ gigs. The idea for the design is one that I had in the back of mind for a long time and finally had strategy that made sense to bring it to life. One that I doodled in countless notebooks trying to get the right angle that would combine the planet and a record player to both come across.

    Of course in any of my collections, my little mews seems to saunter her way in. The Meow Mix design is literally Bella (my cat) laying on a boombox and the name couldn’t have been more fitting. It took awhile for me to get the right perspective of how I wanted her to drape over it but I think we got there. She wasn’t the most cooperative sitting model. I’ve typically modeled my products myself in the past out of necessity. While that was true this time as well, I wanted to inject myself into this collection to solidify my efforts in music over the last year.

    This was overall a very personal project. It was a chance to share my full experience. I will always remember Fall to the Beat as the visualization of the time I took control and started to make my dreams a reality. I’m still working at it so maybe you’ll see more musically inspired designs in the future. And if you have any requests or ideas send them my way! Thanks for looking/listening.

    Chained to your rhythm,