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    News — electric summer

    All About Our Summer Line...

    All About Our Summer Line...


    A couple of months ago I gave myself an assignment. The Design a Day challenge. All through the month of April I challenged myself to create and post something on Instagram each day. This was a great exercise to force myself into creativity. Even though it was tough at times, I definitely came out with a handful of work that I'm actually pretty proud of. I'm happy to say that I made it through only missing 2 days (and gave myself grace for that). A good deal of the Electric Summer line was born from that exercise. Now let's dive into the inspiration and thought process that lead the way.

    The summer collection is a state of mind. I always wanted Sugar Bunch to be a movement of self expression. Not only for myself but for everyone. I know what it's like to have something to say, to have a big idea or just really want to share the real you but you don't know how, feel like it leaves you too vulnerable or you just aren't ready. I create my designs to express myself. It's almost my alter ego or the part of me that I want to let out but something holds it back. THAT me is outgoing, loud, quirky and wonderfully weird. THAT me is confident and unapologetic in life and style. And THAT is exactly the inspiration for Electric Summer. It's #livingyourbestlife in all the ways you want to this season. It's about embracing the heat of the weather and embracing your own hot ass. I want all of our items to make a statement and you get to decide what that is. Maybe they're a conversation starter that will lead you to new friends and experiences. Maybe companionship isn't what you crave, so you strap on some sunnies to match your summer sugar and let your style do the talking. No further steps needed. 

    My true goal with this line is to let you illuminate yourself, the fly ass motha fucka you are and always have been. That and to create pieces that get ME all hot. Trust that these items got me saying' "damn. I want to wear that. And then take it off, know what I'm sayin" ;)

    Here are some key elements that brought the collection together...

    Sunglasses - I don't know about you but sunglasses help me transform into a complete badass. They're mysterious and leave the world guessing what's really on your mind. Let them guess. Plus, don't nobody need to be givin' you shade cuz you've already got your own. Wether you're a Bad Bitch or Ele-fly, sunglasses are awesome everyday armor. 

    Party - Summer = parties. Whatever your particular brand of partying is - pool, dance, lan, nap. School's out, time to stay up way too late, wear you sunglasses into the night and GET. WET. (all subtext implied here and also hello swimwear!). For those of us working, work is still in but the sunlight stays out a little longer giving you more party time. When you attend those parties, your'e gonna want to be feelin' yoself in these hot summer looks. 

    Space - This is a through line in a lot of my designs so I couldn't help but sprinkle some star particles throughout the collection. Summer is a time for adventures. Even if you don't have any travel plans you can wear these items and boldly go nowhere at all but you'll still be fly AF. Vacation or staycation alike, we're taking a hell of a trip around the universe. 

    Electricity - The heat is rising and we gotta match it blaze for blaze. Don't let the sun out scorch you. And when the sun goes down we're still bringing the heat in the form electric fashion. Embrace warm summer nights with neon signs and neon clothing. Hot pink, electric blue and ultraviolet purple colors brought this collection to life with a jolt. Baby you're a firefly in the summer sky. So let that lightning out of the bottle at least for a few months.


    I am so excited to share all of these ideas with you that I've been sitting on for months. I hope you're inspired to have the best summer ever and look super fly while doing it. Fashion and style are tools. You can use them at your discretion. The best part is you don't HAVE to explain it to anyone, but it's there to help you be the you that you want to be. Electric.

    Stay cool for the summer my friends! 

    All my summer lovin', 
    xoxo - Jess