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    News — blog

    RTX London - Oct. 14th & 15th

    RTX London - Oct. 14th & 15th

    Well hello! Summer has set and it's time to fall, and what better place to spend it then foggy London Town. As I announced early this month on the Instagram account, I will be leaping across the pond to attend and exhibit at the first ever RTX London! I had such a great experience at RTX Austin this year that I couldn't wait to jump on the next show. London is an amazing city and I can't wait to be back so I can take in all that sweet British charm. 

    I'll be posted up in Artist Alley #106 all weekend long at the Sugar Bunch booth. If you'll be attending the show please do stop by. I really can't wait to meet everyone and share my work. I've been very buy designing and preparing some fun items I'll have for sale. There will be some signature items as well as some new stuff I can't wait to share. One of which that I'm particularly excited about is the Hot Damn, Dog enamel pins! 

    These are hard enamel pins, or cloissoné, with a rubber backing based on the now classic Hot Damn, Dog design that you have all come to know and love. I'm in love with how these turned out. It's the perfect accessory for your lapel, bag, lanyard or pretty much anywhere you choose to stick it. This is my first go with enamel pins and I'm hoping to do a lot more. If they do well at this show, I would love to make versions of some of my other designs and new stuff as well. The dogs are a limited quantity and I can't guarantee I will do another run of this design so get them while they last! 

    Along with the pins I will have some apparel, accessory and beauty items. I'm still awaiting their production and once I get them in my hot little hands I'll be updating you all with everything you can expect to see from the Sugar Bunch booth. 

    Once again, thank you to everyone that has supported me and the brand all this time. We are in the middle of an adventure and these shows have been a great opportunity to connect with people and grow the business. I can't wait to see what RTX London has in store for us and beyond. 

    Stay tuned for more updates here and on social media. Most of the info tends to come out on the @sugar_bunch Instagram account first in posts and stories, so be sure to follow us to receive the most up to date info. 

    Yours truly, madly, deeply, 

    Welcome to the new site!

    Well look what the cat dragged in... a freshly polished new site featuring the work of yours truly, but now, NOW - you can purchase said work on cool stuff like shirts and wall art! I can't tell you how excited I am to launch this new site, wait yes I can. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

    I've always wanted to see my work out there on tangible things and share them with others and dammit I'm doing it! Starting with just a few designs at first, the goal is to keep creating and keep making new items for all to enjoy. Or you know, just the cool people. 

    The past year or so I have made an effort to do more of what I love, which is art. I've received so much support and encouragement to keep going, improving and developing my style. So, this is the natural step. 

    The sky is the limit and I can't wait to see how this site grows. I still plan on blogging here when the mood strikes me and to keep you up to date on my life and art type goings ons. I may add a gallery feature for work that may or may not make it on to products, we shall see. If you have any ideas, feedback or things you would like to see, hit me. I'm all ears. 

    Thank you to all my supporters near and far and thank you for checking out this new venture. I promise to keep making the eye candy for you to consume and help wash it down with my colored commentary.

    All my love,
    Jess xoxo